I had such a wonderful time photographing this lovely couple and their horse! While these lovebirds have been married for a few years already, they wanted to redo some of their wedding photos- and include their horse this time.

I have been having a great time doing these anniversary shoots, they are stress-free and fun, but are a fun thing to do with your spouse, and you get some beautiful wedding photos!

Have I mentioned that I love veil shots?

I know veils are just a piece of tulle with some lace sewn onto it, but it creates such a magical, romantic look and I absolutely love working with them! I especially love long, lace veils, and this bride's veil was a thing of beauty.

We even got to hang out on a porch swing- never a bad idea. These two were so much fun to work with!

As an equine photographer, I am used to throwing in some black background photos. We tried it with wedding photos, and I have to say, I am a fan! I'd love to get feedback from the general public though- feel free to message me!

I think these black background bridal portraits would look good printed and framed!

It was such a dream to work with a couple that was so in love! You'd never know they were already married and this wasn't their wedding day. Here's to many more happy years you two!