Throwback to Australia!

So because of me being me, this is a throw back post waaaay back to the spring, when I went to Australia for a month. It was incredible, everyone was extremely nice, and I am longing to go back. I have been so busy this year with life blogging has been a little bit neglected, but I will do my best to keep this more current!

This was a lovely shoot held in Warrnambool, Australia, which is a small town along the Great Ocean Road. The whole place is absolutely magical, and is home to the tiny island that has endangered penguins on it. The same ones that are guarded by Maremma dogs, because they get eaten by foxes that sneak over during low tide. This is not really a pivotal point to the shoot, but it’s a fun factoid that I got really excited about because who doesn’t love tiny cute penguins who are protected by giant fluffy dogs.

And how cute are these two? They dressed back up in wedding finery and came out for the anniversary to get a few more photos to celebrate. It was wonderful to get to know such genuinely lovely people.

All in all it was a great time, even though I got a little distracted by an actual flock of cockatoos, which I had never quite thought of as wild birds (as they are definitely not wild birds in North Carolina). I am still in awe of just how beautiful the entirety of the Great Ocean Road is, and I am sure will put up dozens more throwback posts about it!