Hi, I'm Emily!

If you love dogs, the beach, coffee, or books, there's a really good chance we would get along! In fact, I like combining all of the above at once.

I live on Edisto Island, SC (it's between Charleston and Savannah) with my husband, Henry, and our dogs, Napoleon and Lee, who are more accurately described as our furry children. We love to channel our inner Chip and Joanna Gaines and always have some kind of project going on for my fixer-upper house!

My favorite way to spend all my free time is with my sweet horse, Oliver, who happily models for me whenever I want to practice a new photography technique as long as there's a carrot in it for him.

I always have a current passport and am ALWAYS excited about destination shoots. I have a bucket list of places that I would love to visit, so if you've got a plane ticket burning a hole in your pocket.. lets go!

This is Napoleon, light of my life

I recently got married and cannot get over how much I LOVE wedding photos. As both a photographer and a bride, I am aware of the process and significance of choosing a wedding photographer and capturing the importance of your wedding day.

I love taking photos that capture raw emotion, so that what you feel is encapsulated forever in a photograph. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

I'm all about creating a meaningful, genuine wedding day for each and every couple, which means no two wedding are the same! Including facets of yourself in your wedding day makes it that much more special.

I pride myself on creating artistically sound, aesthetically pleasing, and technically correct photos!

I got married myself in 2019! PC to @SiobhanLorrainePhotography



“Emily was so easy to work with and there wasn't a bad photo in the whole album she sent us. She had them back to us within the week, and was very friendly and professional through the entire experience. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a photographer, and especially for those who want an eye for the artistic perspective of your shots.”