So, for obvious reasons, I cannot have a gallery of photos on this page- I value and respect all of my clients privacy! However, if you are interested, I am happy to share with you a select few photos that have I have been given permission to share privately with clients.

Boudoir shoots, while not well known, are gaining popularity every day. They are a fun way to get a few intimate photos of you for your significant other, as well as bolster your own body image. If you have never had professional photos taken of you, I highly recommend it because my goodness! Done correctly, the camera is much kinder than your own eyes criticizing in the mirror. It is a great way to see yourself in a totally different way. Clients regularly approach boudoir thinking they will be awkward and embarrassed, and the session ends up being full and laughter and joking around. Though boudoir shoots can be very sensual, they are classy and artistic and in no way pornographic.

For bridal boudoir shoots, I always recommend doing them with your veil on hand and a practice run of your bridal bouquet. They are always so romantic and lovely, and make a great wedding gift to your soon to be spouse!

While many people schedule their boudoir shoot prior to their wedding, you are not limited to a bridal boudoir shoot! Anyone can have a boudoir shoot. I am happy to work with any theme as long as it falls into the category of classy and artistic.

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